Assessing Patient’s Satisfaction using SERVQUAL Model: A Case of Sunyani Regional Hospital, Ghana

Augustine Awuah Peprah, Bede Akorige Atarah


The interaction between patients and healthcare providers is critical as it influences patients’ satisfaction. This encounter provides the patient with the opportunity to assess and evaluate service quality and conversely it offers the provider an opportunity to manage patients’ perceptions and service quality. This study was conducted at Sunyani Regional Hospital in Ghana to assess patients’ satisfaction using SERVQUAL model by Parasuraman et al., (1988). The SERVQUAL instrument was adapted and modified to capture the relevant data. A total of 214 patients were employed in the study. Data were analysed using SPSS (version 16.0) for descriptive statistics and patients’ satisfactions were determines by the service quality gap model. The result indicated that the overall satisfaction of patients concerning the service quality of the hospital was good. On the other hand the gap scores showed negative gaps for four of the service quality dimensions out of six used in the study, indicating that patients were not satisfied with the service quality in relation to those dimensions. This therefore calls for management action to improve service delivery in those areas. These dimensions were Reliability, Communication/interpersonal relationship, Assurance, and Responsiveness. On the contrary, Tangibility and Empathy dimensions scored positive which affirms patients’ impression about the service.


patients, satisfaction, SERVQUAL, Servıce Qualıty, Sunyani Regional Hospital

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