Redesigning Scenarios and Defining Business Opportunities


  • Hakan BÜTÜNER Turgut Özal University, Business Management IMECO – Industrial Management & Engineering Co.



Business opportunities, developing scenarios, opportunities, scenarios, strategy.


The purpose of this paper is to help businesses to define their business opportunities that are most attractive and feasible for them by using newly developed practical techniques. It is intended to find the factors that would affect and change the outlook mostly in the current status and anticipated future, based on the results obtained from environmental analysis. In short, using the trends to be revealed by the environmental analysis, it is possible to anticipate how the field of business in which we operate or plan to enter will evolve in the future. The status is reviewed according to the assumptions and the results to be obtained are evaluated. Thus, assumptions are grouped under various scenarios, their potential impacts on the industry are identified, and the potential status in the industry is defined. In conclusion, taking into consideration the characteristics of the business that offer competitive advantages, the potential opportunities for the business in the industry are identified. Another intention here is to provide strategic planners an easily understandable and applicable comprehensive procedure by assembling the disconnected and disorderly ideas, processes and techniques.


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