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Experience the best intriguing role-playing games for Android

Here are some of the most popular titles of role-playing games on the Android platform. Let’s explore them to find out the one that you like the most.
Dungeon Fighter: Spirit


Dungeon Fighter: Spirit has four characters to choose with different looks and abilities. As a cut-and-play game with a horizontal screen, picking a character class will significantly affect the gameplay style of the players.
Control in the game is not difficult if you have played through other action games. The 4-way key allows characters to move back and forth, attack with skill keys and normal hits. Dungeon Fighter: Spirit has up to six skills for characters instead of four as normal.

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Devilian Mobile
Devilian Mobile is an MMORPG with a graphical platform similar to the original PC gameplay. Besides, players also have the opportunity to meet familiar characters such as Kylar, Ayla and Elin, with PvP mode right on handheld mobile devices.
Devilian Mobile, in addition, have the same graphics, controls and battles as Diablo III, the dungeons of the game are well-designed, including traps and giant bosses. A combat control system is based on the typical "Auto-Action RPG" formula, so your job is only to concern about the movements and time to activate special skills.
War Of Crown


War Of Crown is a turn-based strategy game in which players own a team of characters that resemble other group strategy games. War Of Crown allows players to choose their options for each character in turns.
Besides, but both sides will face on a large map, divided into moving cells. Players can choose where characters move to, then stop the turn or use normal attacks and skills.
You can associate this game with the old game of Empire Of Angels on PC. It gives players a very long time to think and make decisions at every turn.
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Heroes of the Dungeon
Heroes of the Dungeon is a 3D action role-playing game developed and released by InterServ International, a Taiwan-based studio. The game is designed in the style of dungeon discovery and is extremely attractive and worth playing.
Heroes of the Dungeon is built around a world of impressive graphics and rich content, as well as 150 single-player. Players can control 20 characters with 4 sets of different skills and hundreds of upgrades. In addition, the game also brings eight engaging gameplays, and the most prominent of which is MOBA 2vs2.
Cross Eternal


Cross Eternal is a promising MMO-ARPG from Efun Company that takes players into battles with a massive and aggressive zombie army. Players use skills of characters and their ingenuity to overcome the challenges that the game sets.
Joining the Cross Eternal, players will be able to choose their main character from 3 races: Humans, Dwarfs and Elves to fight the invasion of the zombie army. There are also three support classes of Warrior Melee, Support Wizard, and Long Range Ranger. Each class is important in its own way, as each possess different set of skills and talents.
We hope that you enjoy the list of role-playing games above. Download now and have fun playing!
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